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2021 Phase 2 Question Paper

Descriptive Questions asked in the ESI paper:

15 marks questions (word limit of 600):
  • How have the different aspects of Globalisation evolved since the 2008’s Global Financial Crisis. Analyse its impact.
  • What is meant by the vertical & horizontal allocation of resources to states as per the 15th Finance Commission? How can this objective be achieved?
  • Describe the various Poverty Estimation Method in relation to the following?
    • Per Capita
    • Inflation & Consumption
    • Safety Net Program
10 marks questions (word limit of 400):
  • What is the influence of Demographic Transition on India’s economic growth?
  • What are the 3 measures that are related to the Disinvestment of Strategic Sectors & Non-Strategic sectors in Union Budget 2021-22. Discuss.
    • Rationale
    • Impact
  • Discuss India’s commitment to climate change in light of its socio-economic, health & developmental projects.
Some of the objective questions asked in the ESI paper:
  • Question on PM KISAN Yojana.
  • Question on OECD.
  • India’s GDP is Forecasted by which organization?
  • Odd One Out Based question on Govt Schemes.
  • Labour reforms-based comprehension question. (2 Marks)
Finance & Management (F&M) Paper Analysis:

The FM paper had to be completed within a total time duration of 2 hours. Out of the 2 hours or 120 minutes, 90 minutes were allocated for the descriptive portion of the paper, and the remaining 30 were allocated for the objective portion.
In the descriptive portion, you would have needed to write answers to 4 out of the 6 questions asked in the paper (2 out of 3 – 15 marks questions & 2 out of 3 – 10 marks questions). The word limit for the 15 marks questions was 600, and for the 10 marks questions, it was 400.
The objective portion consisted of 30 questions. 10 Questions of 1 Marks each & 20 Questions of 2 Marks each.
As I have already mentioned above, the overall difficulty level of the FM paper was moderate to difficult. As far as the difficulty level of the objective and descriptive portions go, the descriptive part was tougher than the objective part.
Descriptive Questions asked in the FM Paper:
15 marks questions (word limit of 600):
Function on the following Regulatory Bodies: SIDBI, EXIM, NABARD, NHB & RRBs
What are Basel Norms & what are the Pillars of Basel 3 Norms.
Question on Corporate Governance & its key Principles.
10 marks questions (word limit of 400):
What the major/key announcements of Union Budget 2021-22 (5 Announcements)
Question on the difference between Transformational and Transactional leadership.
Question on Behavioural Reinforcement. Explain Positive & Negative reinforcements.
Some of the objective questions asked in the F&M paper:
Question on Government Model for building National Highways for construction of roads in the country. (2 Questions)
Question related to Depository.
Question on Hybrid Annuity Model.
Question on Organizational Behaviour.
Question on NPCI.
Question on Shares, SEBI & ASBA.

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