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2022 RBI Grade B Phase 2 Asked questions

Paper I: E S I

World Bank Report 2018

One Nation One Ration Card scheme

Financial Inclusion policy

Smile Scheme for transgender


Topics Asked (Descriptive Paper)

  1. Rural entrepreneurship: What are the challenges faced and how young enterprises can solve India’s social problems?
  2. Write a short note of the monetary policy framework in India.
  3. What is NBFC? How it is different from Bank and mention 5 types of NBFCs registered with RBI.
  4. Although urbanization spread to villages, race, caste, and gender discrimination is rampant in this light. Write about challenges faced by the protective discriminatory policy.
  5. What is meant by Economic reform? Explain all types of reforms in economic policy in India from the 1990s till none.
  6. Financial stability is essential to any FI/business. Kindly discuss in the light of (i) Financial Stability by RBI (ii) Economic Reform & Policy priorities in view of the outbreak of COVID-19 in India.

Paper II: English (Writing Skills)

Essay Topics:

Glasgow Conference

Women Entrepreneurship

Medical Tourism in India

Reading Comprehension Topics:

Derivatives and its types

Precis Topics:

Space Exploration

Paper-III: Finance and Management

Topics Asked (Objective)

Small Industries

Application & Management

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

RBI Notification

Topics Asked (Descriptive)

  1. What is LTRO?
  2. India’s role in 2008 global crisis
  3. Resistance to Change and how to avoid it?
  4. Barriers to interpersonal communication and how to overcome?
  5. Will Blockchain disrupt banking?
  6. Manager’s role in encouraging ethical behaviour in the organization

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