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English is one of most tricky section to study. There is lot of sources but , less worthy to invest time in. It is one of boring section to crack but, at same time scoring one. I prefer concise way to crack this part. Rather than improve your vocab or read numerous newspapers , there is simplest trick to earn marks in this exam. They are simplest way with smart approach

Step 1 : Target the section of English with most marks gaining part. It is “Comprehension“. One of easiest way to crack as all the answers are predefined in  passage provided to us. Note that RBI given passage is always easy in its level. For this there are 2 popular approaches [Top Down] and [Bottom Up].

A) Top Down Approach : Simplest way. In this your memory power plays prime role. Your mind should be sharp by nature. Here you go through paragraph line by line. Read them and memorise it in exam. I want to point out that Competitive exams of Officer cadre has lengthy paragraphs with confusing tone. I better avoid this approach. 

B) Bottom Up Approach : Another easy to implement and most effective one considering time constraint in exam. Here, you note down all the questions pertaining to passage in blank paper provided to you in exam hall in simple keywords. Then go through passage in relax manner. Once you come across any topic directly related to your questions. You answer them at that point itself. This saves your time from reading unwanted parts of paragraph.  To get better understanding of my trick I have simplest steps for you. 

Step 1: Note down the questions in blank paper in short manner.

Step 2: Noting clues take almost 30 seconds only.

Step 3: Go for direct or factual questions in paragraph.

Step 4: Comes the part 2 True or Not True based question. for this you should be able to read whole paragraph in fewer seconds.

Step 5 : Title / Tone of passage is questions  rather avoid unless it is easy to deduce. To better understand tone of passage I came across one youtube channel which might help you lot.

Tones of passage from Careeranna channel :

Step 2 : Rearrangement and Substitution section is another most scoring part of English. There are various ways to do this. But to understand it I suggest below video which has been most simplest way to score marks for this section. Once you go through below video of person , You might not require any further reference to study.

Step 3 : Data Fillers or Cloze Test. This is section which requires genuine understanding of English Grammer and clarity of flow of message delivered in sentence. There is no trick behind this to learn it. The best solution is reading books or newspapers. Lot of newspapers are available in market. Honestly, No one has enough time to go through all of them. I came across 2 important links before you to enhance your reading :

1) News paper :

2) Finshot articles:

Step 4 : Error Detection : One of section to avoid in exam. It is most tricky and luck by chance part to crack unless and until you people have tremendous knowledge of english grammer. Your reading habits is key behind cracking this part. I have gone through numerous Youtube channels to learn a trick to attempt this but, all in vain. The paper can be surprise for you. You cannot crack this part simply by hit or miss method. That might be risky in terms of marks.  I honestly never suggest anyone to even bother about this part. 

So, friends this is my strategy to crack this exams and they do work. 

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