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Over past year there has been vast changes in General Awareness section. The name itself signifies that current affairs related data updates daily. There has been many resources available online for going through current affair or daily news to mug this up. However, To prepare for RBI Grade b exam , The syllabus is updated from 2021 and there has been major changes in G.A. section. It includes both static and Current affairs part along with focus on government schemes. This section has highest weightage in this exam and one of highest scoring part to crack this exam. My suggestion is to always study limited and too the point. The few listed sources are as follows :

A] Current Affair part : One of easiest way to learn. Just began from today and start watching this Youtube channel. The guy here is amazing in his teaching standards. His vocal abilities and way of teaching is marvel. Please do subscribe his channel and go through his videos regularly. The link is below :

Ashish Gautam Sir from Adda247.

Make sure you follow his videos regularly. It might helpful even for job going professionals. the video is of about average 50 minutes to and hour. Best way to follow it early morning and replay it at night before sleep. This will help you through your current affair knowledge.

Once you go through this channel regularly, You also have to follow any single pdf for current affair to be 100% sure of gaining max marks. 

The two prime sources which are very helpful are :



Please do regularly download Monthly pdf from this sites. Just do this and I promise you are done with this exam.

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