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Tips to gain maximum marks in Quantitative aptitude section :

Dear All, one of tricky section in any exam preparation is Quantitative aptitude. The reason for being tricky and complex at same time are 2 things
1)     Time constraint
2)     Improper planning
I will discuss about both in short.
Lot of candidates never take look at notification in detail in which a allotted time is mentioned for each of section in exam. This creates panic when they come across an exam timer. Quants is not so huge section but , time binding makes it’s challenging for candidate to surpass this exam. The allotted time of 20 minutes in prelim creates hurdle, panic situation in mind of aspirant especially when they begin with lengthy computation problem.
Solution : To overcome this, practicing mock plays major role. Every aspirant must purchase mock for prelim without failure before appearing for any competitive exam today. The positive thing of mock is it train your mind with respect to time. Also, mock come in variety of levels when you purchase. Some of mock test available online are divided into 3 different varieties: Easy, Moderate and Difficult. Every aspirant must attempt these mocks daily without failure before appearing for actual exam. After each mock, one must self-analyze himself/herself for further preparation. Once you attempt mock, go through solution for each question in detail. If there are some questions, you could not attempt or found difficult to solve, download free pdf of same question, practice question from them of that type. Once you do so, then jump to second mock test. Lot of aspirant has confusion in mind when to buy mocks, I suggest to buy mock only after release of official notification.
Another major hurdle is improper planning. Previously competitive exams involved only one exam. After year 2017, the competitive job includes 2 exams : Prelim and Mains. The trick here is prelim exam has only one agenda in mind to filter out candidates who are not serious for this exam and came merely for testing luck. So, the conclusion here comes out that, every preliminary exam is just to clear cutoff. The attempt should be based on previous year cut off and exam difficulty. No such luck thing plays here. The marks are never carried further for final selection. In such, proper planning is must needed.
Tips for proper planning :
1)     Question Selection : It plays major role in Quants section. Now, there are various types of questions in quants (Data Interpretation, Quadratic equation, Number series, Missing numbers, Miscellaneous questions etc.,) Question selection plays major role here as entire exam is time bounded. Now, every attempt of aspirant counts in exam. The trick here is select that question first which has high chances of gaining marks. For example : If Jay is candidate who prepares for Quants section at home and he develops mastery in Quadratic equation. His first attempt in any exam should be Quadratic equation. He should began his examination with this type of question. Attempt every 5 of them with 100% accuracy. Another example, if Sheila is candidate who prepares for Quants section at home and develop mastery in Ages problem + Profit/Loss + Average + Simple/Compound Interest + Time and Work, She should began exam with this question only.
2)     Choice of Question : Now, most of aspirant are confused about which question to give priority, My suggestion is Data Interpretation is something which every aspirant should practice lot. The reason being simple, It is based on BODMAS rule and charts. There are end number of sites available online for aspirant preparing Data Interpretation. Then Quadratic equation should be second attempt of aspirant. Then Miscellaneous questions such as Ages, Time and Work, Profit/Loss etc., should be priority. Number series should be avoided except if you are preparing for clerical cadre.
3)     Question Skipping : This is something which every aspirant should learn. Lot of aspirants while attempting exam, get attached to specific question. It is very bad habit. The aspirant must clear his mind that, cracking an exam matters most instead of cracking one silly question. Do not waste more than 3 minutes in any question. If you cross 3 minutes in one single question attempt, trust me you have failed the exam in center itself. Convince your mind to jump to next question and attempt as mush as in short time. This can be possible only by repeated mock practice.
4)     Positivity : Lot of aspirant fail in quants for simple reason of lack of positive approach. Math’s is never section which is liked by lot of candidates. This is section which aspirant attempt just to clear cut off. This should be fitted in mind before attempting any exam. Before exam, eat lightly, take long breathe, clear your mind for negative thoughts of previous exam failure if any, Focus on timer and revise lot.
Steps to follow to prepare for Quants Section:-
Step 1: Study multiple of tables till 50 starting from 2X1=2, 2X2=4, 2X3=6…. to 50X50=100. Mug them up by heart.
Step 2: Cubes and Squares plays major role in calculation. Practice them till 50.
Step 3: Formulas for Miscellaneous part. Very first Mensuration concept is very popular in exam. This concept is entirely formula based. Aspirant should study them lot. Then every aspirant should also mug formulas for Time and Work, Time/ Speed and Distance, Average, Probability, Permutation/Combination, Profit/Loss etc.,
Step 4: There are certain optional things every aspirant if have time must prepare too. They are Missing Number series or Number series. Practice is only key to crack this part. My recommendation is to avoid this part at any cost. For clerical cadre, the Number Series are easy but, for officer cadre they are difficult and might be confusing leading to time waste.
Step 5: Purchase good mock test for maximum practice.

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