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Tips to gain maximum marks in Reasoning section :

Reasoning is one of scoring section in any competitive exam. Hence, Lot of competitive exams always has high cut off for reasoning section in each and every type of job vacancies such as General, SC, ST, OBC, EWS etc., The cut off is always high. In this exam, The total marks allotted to reasoning section is 60 marks.

Step 1: Puzzles plays major role in a reasoning syllabus. They can be floor based, tabular form, and any other miscellaneous puzzles. Every aspirants must read them carefully and make note of important hints from them. Since, puzzle has maximum marks every aspirant must practice lot of it. The time is matter of concern while solving puzzles. The best way to crack this is by visiting this site and downloading pdfs uploaded in here.

Step 2: Seating Arrangement is another important topic which every aspirants should master down. They are various types Linear, Circular etc., Just practice atleast 500 set from here and candidate never has to turn back.

Step 3: Syllogism is another most easy section to crack and practice in this exam. In fact, every aspirant while attempting reasoning paper, must first hunt down 5 syllogism and make sure he earns 4-5 marks in them.

Step 4: Miscellaneous : Consist of Coding and Decoding, Direction, Blood Relations , Input-Output etc., These all are extras of reasoning section. There are end number of ways to solve it and even every aspirant must decide which section to attempt first. Example : Many of them find coding decoding easy, some find direction easy and some other blood relations. Truth is this should be last section as per my viewpoint that every aspirant must attempt in reasoning section.

At end I only suggest every aspirant to attempt mock test for Prelim or Phase 1 a lot as it is only way to develop mastery and self analyze oneself. In reasoning timer plays major role. Accuracy with speed is need of hour. It is 2nd section after GA which guarantees maximum marks in exam.

Best of luck to all !

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